Star Citizen Is Offering a $27,000 Add-On Pack

Got an extra $27,000 laying around? Perhaps under the bed? Change jar deposit? If so, you can buy [...]

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Got an extra $27,000 laying around? Perhaps under the bed? Change jar deposit? If so, you can buy this Star Citizen add-on pack.

Yes, you read that right. $27,000. As in the price of a brand-new Toyota Prius. Okay, maybe that makes it sound like a bargain. Take-two. $27,000 as in 450 brand-new AAA $60 games, or in other words, a lifetime supply.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games is offering the wildly priced add-on for its wildly ambitious upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game, Star Citizen. Dubbed The Legatus Pack, the add-on features 117 in-game ships (almost every ship in the game), as well as a variety of other upgrades, skins, etc., that number to 163 extra items.

The best part of the $27,000 add-on? To even view its store page, you will need to have already spent $1,000 on the game, which hasn't even fully released yet. If you haven't handed over Cloud Imperium Games said cash-money, you will get a 404 error screen.

While I can't see what the Legatus Pack comes packing – sadly, I've only spent $999.99 on the game – a forum user by the name of Dakuisha can see it, and has a round-up of everything it includes. You can see it for yourself here.

If you're really interested in seeing the page in its natural state, apparently you can, but you have to go through customer support first. And even then, you might be denied.

While a $27,000 add-on pack sounds absurd, in the context of "Star Citizen," it's not that left-field. The game has notably raised over $185 million in crowdfunding ($35 million just in 2017). In other words, it's the most successful crowdfunded project ever, by a landslide. It will probably have a documentary one day about its creation and development, that's how crazy it has been.

If you don't have $27,000, but want to spend some money on Star Citizen, you may want to start by buying a virtual plot of land for $100 (also a real thing).

Star Citizen and its single-player story-driven game set in its universe, Squadron 42, are currently in development for PC. Neither have a release date.

For more information and media on both games, be sure to peep the developer's official website.