Star Trek Online: Reflections Now Live on PlayStation and Xbox

Star Trek Online's return to the Mirror Universe for Season 24, Reflections, is now live for console players after launching on PC in September. The new season follows the end of the Klingon Civil War and brings back Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Chase Masterson as Mirror Leeta. Leeta warps from the Mirror Universe into the Prime Timeline to warn players of a dangerous new threat in the new season. Mirror Kuumarke, an agent o the Terran Empire, follows her into the prime timeline on a mission to silence her. The players must defend against the Terran Empire's forces and discover the truth behind Leeta's warning.

The Season 24 update adds a new featured episode and a new Task Force Operation. You can watch the season's launch trailer below, and read the official synopsis of Reflections below:

"In Star Trek Online's last season, House United, players witnessed the conclusion to the longstanding Klingon Civil War. While the bloodshed has ceased, things are far from peaceful in the Final Frontier. The chaos begins when players receive an unexpected visit from the savage Admiral Leeta (played by Chase Masterson, a Star Trek Online fan favorite and Deep Space Ninestar), who has traveled from the Mirror Universe to warn the Federation of a looming threat which could endanger all life in both of their universes. She is being hunted by the Mirror Universe's Kuumarke, a Terran Empire special agent who has been sent to a Prime Universe data station to steal classified information. Though she was once the enemy, players will need to team up with Admiral Leeta to stop Kuumarke and her Terran forces from using the stolen information to bring destruction to the Prime Universe."

In addition to all the Mirror Universe goodness (badness?), Reflections offers players the first Star Trek Online content from Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek's first animated comedy. Players can obtain and command the Parliament Class, popularized by the USS Vancouver in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Players can also receive some of the weapons used by Starfleet on Star Trek: Lower Decks.

The new Task Force Operation, "Operation: Wolf," has players invading the Mirror version of Earth Space Dock, offering a more detailed experience of the Mirror Universe's tyranny for the first time in the game. Players can purchase the Elite Captain Boost Token and upgrade their Captain with a new Kit Module Slot, new Device Slot, and new Trait Slot in both Ground and Space.

What do you think of Star Trek Online returning to the Mirror Universe? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek Online is available now and free-to-play on P.C., PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.