Star Trek Online: House United Launch Trailer Teases an End to the Klingon Civil War

Star Trek Online's Klingon Civil War reaches its climax in House United, the new season launching [...]

Star Trek Online's Klingon Civil War reaches its climax in House United, the new season launching for PC players today and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players on August 3rd. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced today that House United is now live for PC and released a new launch trailer to celebrate, embedded below. This season is the culmination of the conflict that has torn Star Trek Online's Klingon Empire apart from within for the past Year of the Klingon, through several previous seasons -- House Divided, House Shattered, and House Reborn. In House United, players will help decide the future of the Klingon Empire.

House United introduces two new featured episodes revolving around Star Trek: Discovery's L'Rell (voiced by Mary Chieffo), as well as Aakar (Robert O'Reilly from Star Trek: The Next Generation), General Martok (J.G Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Adet'Pa (Rekha Sharma from Star Trek: Discovery). Players can also earn exclusive rewards by completing Special Event tasks and joining a new Task Force Operation. As a bonus, anyone who logs into the game on PC today (May 25th) will unlock a free Experimental Ship Upgrade.

According to House United's story synopsis, after visiting Boreth and entering the pits of Gre'thor, J'Ula, House Mo'Kai's leader, has resurrected L'Rell, who will guide her and teach her what it means to be Klingon. Players prove themselves worthy by building an army and then leading that force to Qo'noS for the final confrontation of the Klingon Civil War.

"Playing L'Rell as she emerged from the shadows and learned to own her innate power has been an honor and privilege from the beginning," Chieffo said in the press release. "She is a smart, cunning leader who listens to her heart but is willing to sacrifice her personal needs for the greater good of her people and the entire Klingon Empire. Embodying Chancellor L'Rell for Star Trek Online has deepened my experience of the character on every level."

Along the way, players will encounter other key Klingon characters. They include Aakar, General Martok, and Adet'Pa.

"My family was a military family, my father having enlisted as a private in the Army in 1940, before the US was in WW2, My parent's families were both impoverished by the Depression," Hertzler said. "The Martok family was equally impoverished on the home planet. His father dreamed of him becoming an officer in the Klingon military despite Martok's lower class status in society. One of the things I most admired and respected about Martok was his quietly iron will, his belief in honor, sacrifice and glory. I have the greatest respect for Martok's courage, unbreakable will and sense of honor. There was nothing superficial or shallow about the man."

"Adet'Pa is not a stereotype! She is a warrior, like all Klingons, but she's not a patriarchal dumbed-down version of what that means," Sharma said. "There are many kinds of warriors, and she is an extremely wise, intelligent, humorous, and patient one."

"Aakar, grandfather of Gowron, is one of those wonderful Klingons - so full of life, much like David Niven, just suave all the way through and so intelligent," O'Reilly says. "No one could beat him and of course humble and above all (lest I forget) - EVIL ,EVIL, EVIL . Ahhhh Klingons, we do love them so."

House Divided is now live in Star Trek Online for PC players. Here are the details, as provided in Perfect World's press release:

  • Two Brand New Episodes - In "Warriors of the Empire," Captains will fight alongside J'Ula with L'Rell on their side as they gather support for their cause, before taking forces to Qo'noS to put an end to the raging Klingon Civil War in "A Day Long Remembered."
  • 'Only Qo'noS Endures' Event - Captains will be able earn an exclusive new reward, a ground set inspired by the villainous Aakar, by exploring new episodes, patrols and TFOs associated with the Klingon Civil War.
  • New Task Force Operation - Players will get to experience "Remain Klingon" a 5-Captain space TFO, which concludes the Civil War storyline as the final battle takes place over Qo'noS.
  • Three New Patrols - In House United, Captains will enjoy three new patrols based on the episode "Warriors of the Empire."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek Online is free-to-play and available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.