Star Trek: Online Returns to the Mirror Universe In Reflections

Star Trek Online returns to the Mirror Universe for Season 24, Reflections. Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment announced that the new season launches on PC on Tuesday, September 14th, and will come to consoles on November 2nd. Following the end of the Klingon Civil War, the new season brings back Mirror Leeta, voiced by Chase Masterson, who played the Prime Timeline's Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Leeta warps from the Mirror Universe into the Prime Timeline to warn players of encroaching danger. Mirror Kuumarke, an agent o the Terran Empire, tracks her and is on a mission to keep Leeta silent. It's up to player captains to beat back the Terran Empire's forces and uncover the truth behind Leeta's journey.

The Season 24 update brings with a new featured episode and a new Task Force Operation. There's also a month-long event in which players can earn the Y6 Mirror Gargarin ship. You can watch the season's launch trailer below, and read the official description of Reflections from the game's official blog:

"The Terran Emperor is up to something so dastardly, that Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe has come to you for help. Can you save both realities from tyranny? Or will you fall to the darkness on the looking glass's other side? Reflections stars the returning Chase Masterson, playing Leeta, the role she originated on Deep Space Nine. Leeta has been a thorn in the side of the Federation for years – can those differences be put aside? Can you even trust her?"

In addition to all the Mirror Universe goodness (badness?), Reflections offers players the first Star Trek Online content from Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek's first animated comedy. Players can obtain and command the Parliament Class, popularized as the U.S.S. Vancouver in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Players can also get their hands on some of the weapons used by Starfleet on Star Trek: Lower Decks.

The new Task Force Operation, "Operation: Wolf," has players invading the Mirror version of Earth Space Dock, offering a more detailed experience of the Mirro Universe's tyranny for the first time in the game. Players can purchase the Elite Captain Boost Token and upgrade their Captain with a new Kit Module Slot, new Device Slot, and new Trait Slot in both Ground and Space.

Starting from when the update goes line through September 28th, players can also snag a free pack of Mirror Gear. Here's what that pack includes:

  • Discovery Era Terran Empire Uniform
  • Terran Empire Odyssey Uniform
  • 1 Terran Empire Sonic Phaser High Density Beam Rifle
  • 1 Terran Empire Sonic Phaser Stun Pistol
  • 1 Mirror Universe Agony Rifle
  • 1 Duel Ambush Turrets Kit Module
  • 1 Small XP Boost

What do you think of Star Trek Online returning to the Mirror Universe? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek Online is available now and free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.