Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mod Turns BB-8 Into Baby Yoda

Star Wars Battlefront II may not officially have Baby Yoda in the game, but that doesn’t mean [...]

Star Wars Battlefront II may not officially have Baby Yoda in the game, but that doesn't mean people can't add the beloved character in their own ways. One modder did just that by turning BB-8, the popular droid and new Battlefront II hero who was added recently, into Baby Yoda. The character from The Mandalorian can speed around the battlefield, run people down in its chair, zap opponents, and spin around.

The modder who goes by the name Nanobuds shared a video on social media this week to show off the progress on the Star Wars Battlefront II mod. Starting with a menu option where they chose BB-8 as the hero to play as, they then hopped into a match and started zooming around the battlefield.

You can see the mod in action below as the Baby Yoda version of BB-8 whirls about and takes on a couple of enemies.

You'll notice that it's not a full replacement of BB-8 though. Character still makes droid noises even though it looks like Baby Yoda, and the hovering effect still has some choppiness to it like you'd expect from the way BB-8 rolls around.

When asked about the mod in a post where they shared the video on Reddit, the modder said they hoped to release the creation very soon. They also added that they're planning on either replacing or removing the noises in the video that would normally be heard coming from BB-8.

If this mod looks somewhat familiar, it's probably because you've seen another one of Nanobuds' creations centered around Baby Yoda. The modder shared an in-progress image late last year that showed Baby Yoda in Battlefront II. This version of the character wasn't shown moving around and didn't have a chair to sit in, though the fact that BB-8 is now in the game must've provided the perfect opportunity for the mod.

BB-8 was added to the game not long ago, so if you've taken a break, you might not have been able to play as the droid yet. Like other heroes, the characters has a variety of abilities that manifest themselves in this mod's trailer. You can see an overview of what the character does here, but the best way to experience it is by playing as the droid yourself.