Star Wars: Battlefront II Confirms Even More Elite Troopers, Including Jumptroopers

Earlier this week, we reported the news that Death Troopers would be added to Star Wars: [...]

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Earlier this week, we reported the news that Death Troopers would be added to Star Wars: Battlefront II as reinforcements, to help out your lower-end soldiers should they become overwhelmed during a firefight. But they don't appear to be the only soldiers joining the party when the game arrives later this year.

The official EA Star Wars Twitter account confirmed today that more Elite Troopers would be joining the battle when called upon. Alongside the Death Troopers, you'll also be able to call in other soldiers from the series, including Clone Jumptroopers and Super Battle Droids, along with "more" that will probably be revealed over the next few weeks – particularly at D23 Expo, where Star Wars: Battlefront II is expected to have some major presence. You can see the tweet below as well.

The Super Battle Droids were first introduced in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, packing more heavy armor than the usual droid class, and capable of firing multiple blasts from a cannon mounted onto their arm. More than likely, they'll be able to sustain more damage than the typical warrior, making them a nice thing to have when you're trying to take back a vantage point on the map.

As you can see from the video snippet in the Twitter feed, Clone Jumptroopers are also introduced. They will have similar firepower to other soldiers that are introduced in battle, but they'll have an increase in mobility, as their rocket packs will allow them to get around much more quickly. When you're trying to rush a vantage point on the map or get somewhere in a fast and easy manner, you'll probably call upon these characters. Just remember – soldiers can shoot in the air, too, so maybe don't hover around so much.

More details on Star Wars: Battlefront II are sure to be coming soon, like an explanation of the system where you can call these guys when you need them the most. Hopefully, we'll see more types of Elite Troopers introduced soon, particularly on the Rebel side – the Empire can't have all the fun, you know.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will release on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.