Unlocking a Hero in 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Takes Almost Two Days of Gameplay

Earning enough credits to unlock a new hero in Star Wars Battlefront II will take quite a while [...]

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Earning enough credits to unlock a new hero in Star Wars Battlefront II will take quite a while according to some statistics compiled by an EA Access subscriber who got to play early.

Unlocking your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains is one of the parts of Battlefront II that most players will look forward to, but you'll need credits to do it. However, with the credits earned based on time played instead of the score that you earn, Redditor and Battlefront II player TheHotterPotato has pieced together some stats that show how challenging it can be to save up for these heroes.

Compiling data from Galactic Assault matches that includes quite a few games played along with the time spent in each match, TheHotterPotato put together a spreadsheet that shows 24 different matches played along with the credits earned from each game. Breaking those down into average credits per minute, the results of which can be seen here through the spreadsheet, it'll take you around 40 hours to unlock a new hero, and that's assuming you're not indulging yourself by spending credits elsewhere.

The heroes aren't cheap, either. If you're earning around 25 credits every minute in a game, you'll have to save all the way up to 20,000 for Iden, the cheapest hero. Luke and Darth Vader, the most expensive heroes, are triple that price at 60,000 each. In order to unlock every single hero that's in the game so far, you'll have to spend just over 170 hours, or over a week of non-stop gameplay to have every hero.

Taking that long to unlock the heroes might not seem like that bad of a deal if it were done through some alternate currency than what Battlefront II players would primarily use, but you'll have to avoid purchasing Trooper Crates to make the most of your savings. Just over 2.5 hours of gameplay will net you enough to buy a Trooper Crate, but you'll want to hold off on those if you have your sights set on getting a hero quickly. Of course, you could always just dip into the microtransactions if you wanted to speed things along.

These stats don't account for the challenges, so you'll have some opportunities to earn extra credits, but aside from those, you'd better spend you credits wisely if you want to get the most expensive heroes quickly.