Star Wars: Legion Organized Play Details Revealed

In-Store Events. The in-store events at your local game store are the foundation of Star Wars: [...]

(Photo: Lucasfilm/Fantasy Flight Games)

With just under two months until the debut of Star Wars: Legion, new game play details have been released about the games Organized Play, putting players in the shoes of either the Empire or the Rebels at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Specifically, the latest announcement details the roll-out of the game's release, and where players can get their hands on it for the first time.

There's actually a lot leading up to the event, from demos at major conventions and even a championship event that follows a slew of in-store events, so check the list below and call up your local game retailer to let them know you want to get involved. The strategic miniature game gives players a lot ot do even when building up to their next game, like painting their latest minis together or planning out a base with other local players, so heading to a store event sounds like a pretty good idea if you're looking to meet some new friends to play with.

Here's everything that's been announced leading up to release, per the latest blog post from Fantasy Flight Games:

  • In-Store Early Demos (3/8) Select retailers will offer demos of the game, where you can see the miniatures and learn the basics of movement and combat. (More details to follow on February 12th.)
  • Launch Weekend. (3/22-3/25) Participating retailers will host three Launch Weekend activities, rewarding participants with commemorative prizes and the opportunity to claim the store for either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance.
  • Legion at AdeptiCon. (3/22-3/25) AdeptiCon will be hosting its own Launch Weekend activities, along with a series of other activities that make the convention an exciting opportunity for players looking to dive into Legion head first and bring their experiences back to their local communities.
  • (More) In-Store Events. The in-store events at your local game store are the foundation of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. Show up, participate, and play. These events kick off with the Star Wars™: Legion Recruitment Kit, which offers you the flexibility to run a weekly league, single-day events, or casual gaming.
  • Championship Events. There are many ways to enjoy your Legion battles, and players looking to test their skills against the galaxy's best commanders will enjoy Championship Events. These large, spirited events offer top-level competition, as well as a path to the Star Wars: Legion World Championships!

Star Wars: Legion releases on March 22nd.