Star Wars: Squadrons Game Leaks on Xbox Site

A new Star Wars game called Star Wars: Squadrons has reportedly leaked through the Xbox website. [...]

A new Star Wars game called Star Wars: Squadrons has reportedly leaked through the Xbox website. The leak comes from a banner uploaded to the site which appeared to show the artwork for the game showing pilots from both the Rebels and the Empire side by side with their respective faction's ships next to them. A pre-order button was added alongside the artwork, but the button currently takes viewers to a broken link with no more information given. It seems the game was not supposed to be up yet on the platform's site, but given that it's out there now, we should see more information on it soon.

Judging from the name of the game and the artwork, it appears as though this game may be heavily focused on air and space combat via the vast array of ships found throughout the Star Wars universe.

A Star Wars game called Project Maverick leaked in the past, and this game is supposedly what that project has turned into. According to VentureBeat which cited sources familiar with the matter, the game is indeed about piloting ships in air and space battles. It's said to have a single-player campaign, though the focus of the game is on the multiplayer component. That much is believable given how Electronic Arts has handled past Star Wars games like Star Wars Battlefront II which had multiplayer at the forefront.

While a space fighter Star Wars game sounds promising and this sort of combat is exactly what parts of the Star Wars community have been asking for, VentureBeat also added that this game is supposedly the result of Electronic Arts wanting to release a new Star Wars game relatively quickly instead of focusing on more ambitious projects. That's not a very reassuring framing of Star Wars: Squadrons, but it doesn't doom the game by any means either.

Electronic Arts was originally supposed to have its big EA Play event this week on June 11th before the event was postponed to June 18th instead. Assuming this game was to be revealed during the EA Play event on Thursday, perhaps this artwork was an oversite on the Xbox site and was supposed to go up around this time before the event was delayed. Regardless of if that's the case or not, we can likely expect to see more on the game during the EA Play event.

Star Wars: Squadrons will reportedly release for consoles and the PC platform later in Fall 2020.