Starfield Developer Recommends Space Documentary Before Fans Play

Starfield fans can prepare for the game via a recent documentary on Netflix.

A Bethesda executive has recommended a new documentary for Starfield fans before they jump into the new RPG. Bethesda is one of the most successful RPG developers out there and it has earned that by making games with deeply immersive world. Fallout lets us explore a post-apocalyptic version of America, stuck in a strange futuristic version that feels styled around the 50s/60s. The Elder Scrolls takes us to a fantasy world with dragons, elves, trolls, and magic. Now Starfield will take us to space and allow us to explore the stars. While there will be a core set of planets to explore, Starfield also boasts the fact that it will have 1,000 other planets for you to explore thanks to procedural generation. It's already been noted that some of these planets won't have much going on, but that's the beauty of space: exploration.

With that said, Bethesda Head of Publishing Pete Hines took to Twitter to recommend a new space documentary to fans. For those who are interested in learning more about space exploration, you can check out Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine on Netflix. It's about an hour long and deals with the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. You can view a short description and trailer courtesy of Netflix's YouTube down below.

"With unique access behind-the-scenes to NASA's ambitious mission to launch the James Webb Space Telescope, we follow a team of engineers and scientists as they take the next giant leap in our quest to understand the universe."

Starfield is likely going to be one of the most expansive sci-fi games out there given the scope and scale Bethesda is capable of while also being backed by Xbox. Starfield will allow players to build ships, become a space pirate, and do all kinds of other things that gamers have wanted to do in a sci-fi video game for a long time. Some games have scratched that itch at a certain level, but most of them have various restrictions due to budget and resource limitations.

Starfield will release on September 1st for premium edition owners and then on September 6th for everyone else.