The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition Is Now Live

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition has officially kicked-off, granting users access to [...]

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition has officially kicked-off, granting users access to hundreds of playable demos for upcoming games. The demos can be accessed free of charge, and Steam users will also be able to view livestreams of certain games, and even participate in chats with game developers. Those that participated in the Spring and Summer Steam Game Festival events should know what to expect, but newcomers should also find plenty of things to enjoy throughout the proceedings! For those looking to find their next purchase, this should present the perfect opportunity to find games coming to the Steam platform.

The Steam Game Festival presents a fairly unique opportunity for players and developers alike. Thanks to the chats that users can participate in, developers can receive feedback on their games in a way that would not be otherwise possible. Not everyone is able to visit in-person events related to the video game industry, and every one of those has been put on hold this year anyway, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It also gives Steam users a chance to see titles that might be earlier in the development process, and learn about some of the intricacies of development straight from the people making those games.

Of course, having so many playable demos in one place is also quite beneficial. It would be quite difficult to play everything on offer, but the number of games available on Steam only continues to grow. This can easily get a bit daunting for those looking to find a new title that fits their taste, and it's usually indie games that end up getting lost, as a result. Through the Steam Game Festival, participants can discover games that might have otherwise flown under-the-radar!

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition will run through October 13th. A schedule of the livestreams and chats that will be featured during the event can be found right here.

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