The Steam Game Festival Summer Edition Is Now Live

After a slight delay, the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition has officially kicked-off. The [...]

After a slight delay, the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition has officially kicked-off. The digital event will last through June 22nd, and will feature demos, live demonstrations from developers, AMAs, and more. Like the most recent Steam Game Festival, the focus during this event is on indie games. For Steam users, it certainly seems like the perfect way to get to know the developers working on these games, and a way to learn about titles that might otherwise fly under-the-radar! The number of games currently available on Steam is quite large, so it's easy to see how some of these titles might otherwise slip through the cracks.

While there are a number of digital events taking place around the video game industry at the moment, the hands-on nature of Steam Game Festival should help it stand out from other options. During the festival, more than 900 playable demos will be available for players to try. It should be noted that many of the games are currently in development, so gamers should bear in mind that there might be occasional issues that won't be representative of the final products. Still, with that many games available to try, users will no doubt find something to enjoy!

Interestingly enough, some of the demos on display even give users an opportunity to fill out questionnaires, after. There will also be question and answer sessions throughout the event, so Steam users can play the demos and directly interact with the teams making these games; those who participate could shape the future of the games on display!

The explosion of indie gaming has given the industry far more options for gamers, and a lot more diversity. Unfortunately, with so many games currently available across the various platforms, good games can struggle to find an audience. The Steam Game Festival gives smaller developers a spotlight, and that should be a great asset to Steam users.

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