Street Fighter V Holiday DLC Costumes Arrive This November

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your favorite mains from Street Fighter V are [...]

(Photo: Capcom)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and your favorite mains from Street Fighter V are getting into the spirit. This year's batch of Street Fighter costumes follows the theme of the holidays, dressing characters old and new in the bold reds and soft, icy blues of the holiday season. The official Capcom blog recently released a run-down of all the treats that the company has ready for the season, and it's packed full of digital stocking stuffer must-haves.

On November 29th, a special DLC pack will release that grants special holiday costumes to characters like Chun-Li, Cammy, Menat, Alex, Karin, Balrog, and Birdie. Menat, a new smash-hit with players thanks to her unique style and calculated, powerful attacks, will go full meow-mode with a cat-inspired costume in golds, greens and reds. Alongside this year's DLC pack, the 2016 pack (which includes the Frosty Boulevard stage, along with last year's costumes for Zangief, Laura, Juri, Karin, R. Mika, and Ken) will be available at a special discount of 50% off as a thank-you to faithful players from Capcom.

Not enough cheer in your holiday spirit? You can bring back the warmth of your childhood with costume that we all grew up on with two more DLC lines releasing next week, titled Nostalgia and Combat. Nostalgia, if you hadn't guessed, includes classic costumes for Karin, Birdie, Balrog, and Chun-Li. The Combat line features two Chun-li costumes that focus on her background as an officer of the law -- one outfit that Capcom says she may have worn during her training days, and her full special combat forces uniform, all geared up with bullet-proof padding.

Players can pick up all of these costumes for $3.99 each on Steam and Playstation starting on November 29th. Which of your mains will you be dressing up for the holidays this year?