Street Fighter V Season Three Announced, Includes Sakura And More


As part of the closing ceremonies for tonight’s Capcom Cup event here in Anaheim, Capcom has revealed that, with the forthcoming Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V, a third season of new fighters will be joining the game – and it’s already revealed the first fighters that will be joining the fray.

Amongst the highlights for the forthcoming trailer, we see a much more grown-up Sakura joining the party. However, that’s not all – Sagat is also coming from the Street Fighter legacy, along with Blanka and Cody, as well as new fighters G and Falke.

You can catch all of these fighters in the trailer below, and see glimpses of them in action. No doubt Street Fighter fans will be thrilled with their additions to the series.

In addition, a separate Sakura trailer also debuted, featuring her alternate outfits and fighting style that will be introduced to the game’s add-on when it arrives on January 16th. You can see it below!


Street Fighter V is available now, and the Arcade Edition will debut for PlayStation 4 and PC next month.