Super Nintendo World Construction Begins In Universal Studios Hollywood

While the coronavirus pandemic has led to some difficulties for the Super Nintendo World [...]

While the coronavirus pandemic has led to some difficulties for the Super Nintendo World attraction in Universal Studios Japan and Orlando, it appears that construction has kicked-off in Universal Studios Hollywood. The @Universal_Core Twitter account has shared an image showing some of the construction, which looks like some of the green hills seen in Japan's park. Nintendo fans still have quite a long wait ahead of them until the attraction opens, but with all of the recent delays facing the other expansions, this should prove to be a welcome sight! The image of the park's construction can be seen in the Tweet embedded below.

The Super Nintendo World attraction certainly sounds like the sort of thing that will bring in Nintendo fans! Fans can expect to see an attraction based on Mario Kart, as well as Power Up bands that allow visitors to collect "coins" around the park. Despite the name, the attraction will solely focus on the Mario family of characters, as opposed to other Nintendo franchises such as Zelda, Animal Crossing, or Splatoon.

In an earnings call earlier this month, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell announced that construction on the "Epic Universe" section of Universal Studios Orlando was being indefinitely postponed "until the future becomes more certain." With construction starting on the Super Nintendo World attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood, it will be interesting to see if things change for the Orlando attraction. Construction is complete on Super Nintendo World in Japan, and the attraction was meant to open this summer, but the opening has been delayed indefinitely thanks to the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a number of other gaming related delays. As a result, Nintendo fans have been eager for some positive news of late, with many hoping to see the announcement of a new Nintendo Direct. While this won't completely fill that gap, fans should be happy to see some positive Nintendo news. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Super Nintendo World attraction right here.

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