First Image of Super Nintendo World Construction Surfaces

This morning the first images of construction for the Super Nintendo World park at Universal [...]

This morning the first images of construction for the Super Nintendo World park at Universal Studios surfaced online through an unofficial Universal Studios Japan Twitter account (via Dystify). The images show a large platform. We see an entryway constructed by brick blocks, bookended on either side by pipes and piranha plants. Check it out:

mario world 1

One user chimed in the conversation on Twitter to say that this in fact is not construction, but a media stage which will be used for promotion in an existing area of the park. If you look at the image again, you'll notice that the entire structure is on a raised platform, and the opening seems a bit small for a park entrance -- or even the entrance to a themed section, for that matter. We're guessing about six people could stand shoulder-length next to each other in that opening, so a media stage definitely makes sense.

Hopefully this stage is put to good use soon. We'd love to learn more about Super Nintendo World and what kind of rides and attractions we can expect once that section of Universal Studios opens in Japan, California, and Florida. For the time being we know very little. Thanks to a recently discovered trademark filing, we can be confident that it will be called "Super Nintendo World," and that trademark information actually gave us some pretty good ideas of what will be going on inside the park.

We even got a hint that we'd be seeing some kind of Mario Kart ride. Embedded in a mass of jargon were the following words:

"...organization, management or arrangement of entertainment shows and events, namely, amusement park shows and special events at an amusement park; organization, management or arrangement of kart racing; organization, management or arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles; providing amusement facilities; providing amusement parks services" (emphasis ours).

There were some other little goodies in that trademark listing. You can find our full report right here. Stay tuned to WWG for more on Super Nintendo World!