New Super Nintendo World Videos Show Off Best Look Yet at the Theme Park

Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World was set to have its grand opening on February 4th before the opening was delayed, but some people have still been able to visit the park this week to see all the attractions. Naturally, not everyone can or should make the trip right now to go see the Mario-themed spectacle that we've been hearing so much about, so the number of people who were at the park around February 4th appears to be limited. To help out those who won't be able to see the park for a while, the YouTube channel Universal Parks News Today uploaded enough videos exploring the most unique parts of the park within the past 24 hours to make you feel as if you were actually there yourself.

The plentiful selection of Super Nintendo World videos can be found through the Universal Parks News Today channel. Those videos encompass topics both general and specific and range from things like a casual walk through Super Nintendo World to a look at what's on the menu at Yoshi's Snack Island.

Super Nintendo World in Japan already has plenty of visitors from the looks of the videos, though precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing from one another are in place. The videos show many of these patrons checking out all the sights seen throughout castles, pipes, and other iconic Mario locations as well as some of the rides and other attractions visitors are guided towards. Filling the air throughout all the foot traffic are sounds from Mario games ranging from the classic, upbeat background music to the sound of coins and other rewards being extracted from blocks.

One of those most useful videos from the selection uploaded by the YouTube channel addresses the Power-Up Bands that have been marketed as companion devices for your trip to Super Nintendo World. You have to purchase the bands separately, but once you do, you're able to connect it with an app on your phone. From there, you're able to become a "player" by setting up a profile which keeps track of things like coins earned and other stats. You can even see rankings for different competitions and a helpful map of the park that resembles a map you'd see in a Mario game.


More videos like these will likely come out in the near future from different sources as more people are able to check out the park. As for the progress elsewhere, the last we heard about the Super Nintendo World planned for Universal Studios Orlando was that construction had been delayed indefinitely.