Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Delayed Due to COVID-19 Surges

Super Nintendo World’s opening has been postponed from February 4th because of coronavirus [...]

Super Nintendo World's opening has been postponed from February 4th because of coronavirus protocols. A lot of fans were looking forward to the gates finally opening at Universal Studios Japan. Nintendo announced the move tonight, and people just couldn't believe the development in light of that Nintendo Direct recently. The game company was drumming up interest in the park. Shigeru Minamoto walked around the campus with a mascot version of Mario and Luigi. Power bracelets, chain chomps, and Pikmin are not going to be seen for a little while in Japan because of the coronavirus. In Nintendo's statement, they lay out the clear protocols and how things will move forward. Super Nintendo World will open, but it's just going to take a little longer.

The company released the information and a number of sources posted it and the community immediately reacted. Takashi Mochizuki from Bloomberg News posted the full statement. It gives fans a view of how different things are for Universal in Japan, as opposed to the United States where most of these parks aren't open right now. You can read the entire thing down below:

"After careful consideration of all aspects of the current situation, Universal Studios Japan is postponing the grand opening of its new 'Super Nintendo World' until after the state of emergency for Osaka prefecture, issued yesterday, is lifted," the statement reads. "Also during the state of emergency we will set additional capacity limitations in accordance with the government and the local authorities' guidelines."

"We apologize to all of our guests and stakeholders for any inconvenience this causes. We know you are looking forward to the grand opening of Super Nintendo World when the time is right. We will announce the grand opening date soon after the lift of the stat of emergency," it continues. "Studio pass sales are also monitored and controlled, and there could be additional limitations to their availability. We recommend that our guests purchase date designated studio cases at our official website prior to their visits. Please see our official website for the latest information regarding park operations."

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