Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaker Possibly Hints at Next DLC Character

A prominent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaker has hinted at who the game's next DLC character may be following Steve from Minecraft. There's been a lot of rumors about who will be included in the second wave of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters. Now, we know Steve will be one of these characters, but who will be the rest? Well, there's been plenty of rumors suggesting characters like Sora, Geno, Waluigi, and Doomguy could be joining the Minecraft protagonist. Also included in these frequently rumored characters has been Ninja Gaiden protagonist Ryu Hayabusa.

Recently, one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan asked prominent Smash leaker Vergeben whether or not the character is still coming to the game. Responding to this, Vergeben noted that Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have been in discussions about adding the character to the platform fighter, and at the moment there's no evidence that the discussions "fell through." In fact, the leaker points out the two parties maintain a very positive relationship.

Unfortunately, this is all the leaker spills. There's no confirmation that the character is coming to the game, let alone as its next character, but it sounds like it's almost an inevitability.

That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the leaker in question has proven reliable in the past -- for example, they leaked Steve when no one else was talking about the character -- nothing here is official.

As for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, neither party have commented on this latest report, and it's unlikely either will. Not only did neither comment on the initial rumors about the character's future inclusion, but they both have a general and pretty strict "no comment" policy when it comes to leaks, rumors, reports, and anything of the speculative variety.


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