Yacht Club Comments on Shovel Knight Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter Possibility

While Shovel Knight is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an assist trophy, it doesn't look like the [...]

While Shovel Knight is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an assist trophy, it doesn't look like the character will be coming to the Nintendo Switch game as a DLC fighter, however, developer Yacht Club games is hopeful Nintendo will one day come calling to add the increasingly well-known indie game character. According to Yacht Club Games founder Sean Velasco, while Nintendo asked about adding Shovel Knight to the game as an assist, adding the character as a playable fighter was "never really in the cards." However, the studio did consider possible moves for the knight of shovels, suggesting it will be ready to offer their advice if Nintendo ever decides to add the character in a bigger way.

According to Velasco, the odds are stacked against the character getting into the game as a playable character though. For one, he isn't a first party or even a true second party Nintendo figure. Further, the character is relatively new. Nintendo has its pick of the litter, and you'd assume it would go with a third-party character that's more of an industry icon. That said, Velasco seems hopeful that maybe one day when Shovel Knight is more a "grandfather figure" rather than the new shovel on the block, Nintendo will consider adding the character. In the meanwhile, Velasco says it's an "honor" just to be in the game at all.

While Shovel Knight is probably not coming to Super Smash Bros. as a playable character anytime soon, the mascot character is showing up in a metric ton of other games. According to Velasco, Yacht Club is pretty open to crossover content.

"There's been some times when we didn't get the final approval or when somebody forgot to show us something," said Velasco . "The game just [comes] out and it's like 'wait a minute, we didn't even get to give our feedback on this!' But it's never really been much of a problem. We just want to know about it more than anything."

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