Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Won’t Include Every Stage In the Series

Earlier this month, Nintendo did a huge reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during its E3-themed [...]

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Earlier this month, Nintendo did a huge reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during its E3-themed Direct special, revealing everything from the release date to new entrants to additional techniques that will make you more of a fighting pro. That said, you probably shouldn't expect everything that was included in Smash's legacy to be included in the game.

While Ultimate will have all the characters that we've come to expect (along with a few new additions like Ridley from Metroid), a recent press demo has revealed that the game won't feature every stage from the series. That's not to say your favorites aren't going to show up, as there will be a lot of backgrounds. Just...not all.

This information comes from Source Gaming, who posted some tweets from Famitsu's E3 preview of the game. They noted, "We have some new Smash information for you all. Famitsu has done a writeup on a press-only live demo/Q&A session that happened at E3. The presenters were Nate Bihldorff and Bill Trinen from Nintendo Treehouse. Some key information regarding stages in Smash was revealed here."

The biggest note out of the Q & A can be found below, relating to stages:

The tweets then talk about balancing. "Once again the game will be balanced by (game director) Sakurai. They don't clarify if it will all be him like it was in Brawl or Melee or if Namo Bandai will be assisting for this as well like with Smash Four."

With the information coming from Bill and Nate, Famitsu was unable to confirm all these details with Sakurai himself. But considering the massive amount of stages within the Smash universe, packing them all into the Switch version of the game would likely be a huge undertaking. That said, we're pretty sure that a lot of fan favorites will make the cut, along with some possible new territory to keep things interesting when it comes to fighting.

Some fans have already made suggestions, including the following:

So what'll be included in the game? We'll find out in the months ahead, leading up to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's release on December 7th for Nintendo Switch.