Superbeat: Xonic Nintendo Switch Review

Any time I see a new rhythm game coming to Nintendo Switch I pick it up. I consider myself a [...]

Any time I see a new rhythm game coming to Nintendo Switch I pick it up. I consider myself a connoisseur at this point. Whether you're looking for a content-packed tap fest, a cutesy anime rhythm spin-off, or a 3D co-op slug-fest, the Switch has a musical offering for all of you! Now, Superbeat: Xonic brings a dazzling arcade offering to rhythm game fans on Switch, and it's every bit as fully-featured and addicting as its PS4 and PlayStation Vita counterparts.

In Superbeat: Xonic, you'll be tasked with following on-screen prompts and pressing almost every button on the face of your Joy-Con in time with the music, and by completing three consecutive songs in any given challenge bracket, you'll earn experience. Earn enough experience, and you'll level up as a DJ, unlocking new songs, freestyle modes for your favorite songs, avatar icons, and more. This is one of those games that rewards your good performance by giving you more to play, and with gameplay this tight, and a track selection this varied, that really is the perfect reward.

For those of you who played Superbeat: Xonic on PS4 or Vita, you're going to have to do some serious forgetting and resetting as you begin your musical journey on the Switch. The asymmetrical thumb-sticks on the Joy-Con are going to require you to reach up to places you're not used to reaching at a moment's notice, and at first, I was getting frustrated and missing notes to songs I've performed dozens of times before. That was my issue though, not the game's, and after a few hours I was flicking, tapping, and jamming like a pro. The Switch version also includes new DLC songs not included with the original release.

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What type of music are you into? K-Pop? Hip-hop? Grunge rock? Classical? Kawaii pop? No matter what you like, there's something here for you in the track list. Like with every rhythm game ever, you're going to pass up songs at first that you don't think you'll be interested in, and then, for the sake of grabbing one more high score, you're going to try them out and discover that you actually love them. The presentation is also top-notch. Every tune presents a bright, psychedelic spectacle of color and light, and the visual feedback for nailing perfect notes is extremely gratifying.

The sheer variety of tunes on offer in Superbeat: Xonic is one thing that will keep you coming back for weeks and months, and the difficulty scales from leisurely and casual, to absurdly fast and unforgiving. Those of you who have been used to playing VOEZ and Deemo may find the center-stream note prompt system a bit awkward at first, while Hatsune Miku fans will feel right at home with the system generally.

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There are a few more buttons to mess with, and I ran into an HD Rumble glitch during my early play time, but those were both minimal barriers that did not bar my enjoying this game, which is now something I boot up constantly when I'm bored. The only other downside to Superbeat: Xonic is the price. $40 is a pretty tough sell when every other rhythm game on the Switch right now can be had for $8-30, but I really do believe you're getting your money's worth here. If you've already played Superbeat: Xonic then it's a no-brainer. If you're on the fence, I definitely recommend checking it out.

WWG's Score: 4 / 5

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