Supernatural Zombicide Crossover Packs Revealed

The Winchester Brothers are always up for a scrap, and they will be taking their monster hunting talents to the world of CMON's Zombicide courtesy of the new Zombicide: Supernatural Character Packs. Who would be better to have along on your next mission through the Zombie apocalypse than the crew of Supernatural, and across three different packs, you'll be able to add a host of characters from the show to your game as playable Survivors and Abominations. The three packs are available to pre-order now directly from CMON for $49.00, and you can pre-order the entire set right here.

The three Character packs include several Survivors to add to your next game, including Dean and Sam as well as Jack Kline, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, and Castiel. As for the opposition, the packs also come with Wendigo and Alpha Vampire Abominations, a Leviathan Abomination, and an Archangel Michael Abomination. Crowley is also in the third pack, and he can be used as both a Survivor and Abomination.

(Photo: CMON)

It's important to note that Pack 3 is a Pre-order exclusive, so if you want that pack you'll need to lock in your order soon, as the pre-order campaign runs until September 9th or until supplies last. You can check out the official description for the sets below.

"The Winchester brothers Sam and Dean were raised to hunt and kill all things that go 'bump in the night'. It is no surprise then that when the zombie apocalypse broke loose the brothers jumped into the opportunity of some good old zombicide! This limited pre-order offers all 3 Supernatural packs, in which Survivors Sean, Dean, and John Winchester are joined by a group of allies and enemies, including the exclusives Castiel Survivor, Archangel Michael Abomination, and Crowley, who doubles as Survivor and Abomination. Don't miss out!"

- Pack #1: Dean and Sam Winchester Survivors, Wendigo and Alpha Vampire Abominations, plus 2 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 2 Abomination Cards.

- Pack #2: Jack Kline, John Winchester, and Bobby Singer Survivors, Leviathan Abomination, plus 3 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 1 Abomination Card.

- Pre-order exclusive Pack #3: Castiel Survivor, Archangel Michael Abomination, and Crowley Survivor and Abomination, plus 2 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 2 Abomination Cards.

The Zombicide: Supernatural Character Packs retail for $49.00 and can be pre-ordered here.

What do you think of the Supernatural Character Packs, and will you be adding them to your Zombicide game? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things tabletop with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!