Telltale Co-Founder Wanted to Make a "Great Star Wars Adventure Game"

Telltale Games’ library of games and properties it’s worked on include some huge franchises [...]

Telltale Games' library of games and properties it's worked on include some huge franchises like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but the Star Wars universe was never among the projects it worked on. Creating an adventure game based on Star Wars was something Telltale's co-founder Kevin Bruner would've loved to do, he told Game Informer, and there were even conversations held at one point about such a project, though the idea never came to fruition.

Bruner spoke to Game Informer about the closure of Telltale and addressed topics like the how the studio came to be, was closed down, and what happened in between those moments. After speaking about the style of Telltale's games and how the formula was received by audiences, Bruner was asked if there were any licensing deals Telltale had that didn't pan out. Bruner warned at first that there were plenty of licensing opportunities that didn't work out and that there weren't many examples that he should be talking about, but he did say a Star Wars game is something he would've liked to have done.

"I don't think there's any that I should be talking about," Bruner told Game Informer. "Like I always wanted to make a great Star Wars adventure game. There certainly was never a Telltale-style Star Wars game, but when you have the opportunity to talk to people about like, 'Hey, it would be great to make an adventure game out of your book, movie or TV show.' On the heels of The Walking Dead ... you only get those opportunities so often. They're rare."

Bruner would go on to say that there were even conversations held at one point about a Star Wars adventure game from Telltale, though it wasn't specified how far along those talks were.

"There were a lot of things like Star Wars, we would have loved to do Star Wars," he said. "We had conversations about Star Wars, but it just wasn't in the cards. And that's totally fair. I hope we would have done a great Star Wars game, but we'll never know."

Fellow Telltale co-founder Dan Connors said years before the studio closed that a Star Wars game would've been a "great fit" for Telltale. Both Connors and Bruner worked for LucasArts in the past before founding Telltale, so they already would've been familiar with the Star Wars property on that level before creating an adventure game based on the franchise.


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