Tempest 4000, Atari Flashback Vol. 3 Releasing For Platforms Soon

Atari Flashback

UPDATE: Despite the information that came from the PlayStation Blog, Atari has notified us that these games are coming soon, and not this week as noted below. We'll have further information once official release dates are given, but they won't be too far off!

ORIGINAL STORY: Last week was a pretty big one for Atari, as the company unveiled its Atari VCS to certain folks during Game Developers Conference. Although it was a non-working prototype, it did provide an interesting picture of what the company wants to do with its classic games.

But it hasn’t forgotten other platforms, and this week, it’ll be unleashing some revisioned classics for PlayStation 4, and if we’re lucky, other platforms as well.

The PlayStation Blog page recently posted a list of this week’s forthcoming games, and it’s a pretty stacked line-up of games including MLB the Show 18, Far Cry 5 and MX Vs. ATV All Out. But also on that list are two surprise releases from Atari – Atari Flashback Vol. 3 for March 29, and Tempest 4000 for March 28.

Now, these release dates aren’t confirmed on other platforms yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up on Xbox One and PC as well, since previous releases followed suit.

We got hands-on with Tempest 4000 a while back, which feels like a spiritual successor to the Atari Jaguar favorite Tempest 2000. That would make sense, since both games were worked on by Jeff Minter, the mastermind behind revamped versions of Tempest, like TxK on the PlayStation Vita. It effectively brings back the essence of the original game, but with a number of tweaked rules.

Atari Flashback 3

As for Atari Flashback Vol. 3, we reported on it a while back, and though the full game list hasn’t been revealed yet, it includes a number of classics, including Atari Football, Yars’ Return, Adventure II and Millipede, with over 50 games included in all. It’ll also likely have some leaderboard features, like previous games, as well as some brief history on each game. Oh, and you can totally play Star Raiders without the need for a funky controller this time.

Atari Flashback 2

Prices haven’t been revealed just yet, but the games are likely to go for $20 apiece, since Atari likes to keep these classics affordable. We’ll provide more details as they become available. But, for now, if you love the classics, you’ll definitely want to dig in.

Good luck beating my Tempest 4000 high score, though.