Tetris Legend Jonas Neubauer Dies, Community Shares Respects

Jonas Neubauer, a competitive Tetris player who’s widely regarded as one of the best to play the game, had died following a “sudden medical emergency. The Tetris player was known for his multiple championship wins and also routinely streamed Tetris and other games while chatting with his fans. His death was confirmed via an update from his personal Twitter account and was immediately met with condolences and shared respects from the community. Neubauer was 39 years old.

Neubauer’s death was announced on social media this week within the update below shared by his Twitter account.. More information will come as it’s available, according to the update from Neubauer’s personal account.

A separate message from the Tetris Championship account that represents the Classic Tetris World Championship remembered Neubauer’s legacy including his multiple championship wins. The message said Neubauer died on January 4th, though that date has not yet been confirmed by any statements from Neubauer's personal account. Throughout his Tetris career, Neubauer was named the CTWC champion seven times.

“We are heartbroken to share that Jonas Neubauer, 7-time CTWC champion, passed away suddenly on Jan 4,” the message from the Tetris Championship account said. “We could have never asked for a greater champ, role model, and friend. Jonas, we miss you, we love you, and we thank you for inspiring us to always be our best. Rest in peace.”

The official Tetris Twitter account for the game itself shared similar respects for Neubauer and his presence in the Tetris community by calling his death a “tremendous loss.”

“This is a tremendous loss in so many ways. Jonas Neubauer was one of the greatest classic Tetris players of all time in skill, spirit, and kindness,” the message from the Tetris Twitter account said. “Our hearts go out to his family and friends, and to the entire classic Tetris community, as we all mourn his passing.”


In addition to competing in official Tetris events, Neubauer also frequently streamed himself playing Tetris and interacting with the community under the “NubbinsGoody” Twitch account. His most recent stream was just over a week ago.

More information about Neubauer’s death is expected to be shared as it becomes available.