New Tease Suggests The Avengers Project Will Be Revealed at E3 2019

According to some recent teasing by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics' The Avengers Project may finally be revealed next month during Square Enix's E3 2019 presser. As you may know, back in January 2017, Square Enix announced a multi-game partnership with Marvel to create multiple games based on Marvel properties. The first and only game revealed as part of this partnership has been The Avengers Project, a placeholder title for an Avengers game cooking up at the Tomb Raider developer. The project was revealed back in 2017 via a brief and vague teaser trailer, with more information and media promised to come the following year in 2018. Now, it's halfway through 2019, and we still haven't heard or seen anything of the project. However, that may finally change soon.

Recently, Square Enix has been teasing its E3 2019 press conference on Twitter using various promotional pieces of art. And in the process of doing this, Square Enix is seemingly teasing the aforementioned Avengers Project. More specifically, there's two tweets recently posted by Square Enix where the colors in the background seemingly match up with the colors of the Infinity Stones.

As you can see, there's some interesting usage of some very specific colors here. Some fans are convinced that this indeed a tease that the long-awaited game will finally rear its head during the show, but of course, this is nothing but speculation. It genuinely does feel like a tease, but it's difficult to claim that with certainty, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

That said, a reveal is long overdue for the game. And E3 is the perfect big stage for what could end up being one of the generation's biggest games. That's assuming it releases this generation though.


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