The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Gets Delayed

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, the second game in the series so far, has been pushed back to a Fall 2020 release timeframe. It was previously scheduled to be released sometime during Summer 2020, but due to complications of working conditions resulting from the coronavirus and people having to work from home, the game’s release date had to be moved. Pete Samuels, the executive producer on The Dark Pictures Anthology, said the “entire team committed to delivering the best possible games” and that the priority during the working-from-home conditions has been the safety of the team and all others involved in Little Hope.

Bandai Namco announced the delay of Little Hope on Thursday. A message shared with fans outlined a reason for the delay we’ve heard several times now as other projects have been postponed for various times by different companies as they adapted to these new working conditions.

“We have now been working successfully at home for some time, with the entire team committed to delivering the best possible games,” Samuels said. “With that in mind it rests with me to make the unfortunate announcement that Little Hope will be delayed past the Summer release already announced, now targeting Fall 2020.”

While an exact release date wasn’t given, the delay doesn’t sting quite as bad as others since the game didn’t really have a release date to begin with. Moving just one season back is still a better timeframe for release than other projects that have been delayed either indefinitely or for much longer periods of time, so those waiting on Little Hope won’t have to wait much longer than they already planned to.

“Our priority has been to keep people safe, and that includes actors and stage crews on whose talents we depend so heavily, other workforces external to our business who all help to create the games we make, and all the talented people that work within our studio,” Samuels continued. “We will continue to follow government and industry body advice and will only embark on any element of development when such advice tells that it is safe to do so.”


The new Dark Pictures Anthology game follows the first in the series called Man of Medan. Instead of being on a ghost ship, players will find themselves stranded in an ominous town called Little hope.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will now release in Fall 2020.