The Fantastic Four Characters Are Being Removed From Marvel Heroes

There are a number of great characters that are available in the hit game Marvel Heroes. [...]


There are a number of great characters that are available in the hit game Marvel Heroes. Unfortunately, there are about to be a few less.

Gazillion has noted in its latest blog post that characters tied in with the Fantasic Four, including Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch and the Silver Surfer, will no longer be available for purchase starting on July 1, 2017. The company noted that "under Gazillion's renewed licensing agreement, we do not have the rights to continue selling these characters moving forward," but didn't specifically mention if Fox was involved. (It currently holds the cinematic rights to the characters.)

"You will have until Wednesday (6/28) at 2:00 PM PDT to purchase those heroes with Eternity Splinters," the company noted. "This change will also affect all costumes for those characters as well as Future Foundation costumes for other characters."

It also noted, "However, players who have already purchased or unlocked any of these affected characters and costumes before July 1 will be able to them continue playing them as usual."

Additional details include:

  • As mentioned, if you already own any of the affected Heroes or costumes, you will still be able to use them as always.
  • Achievements and Login Rewards that currently award a H.E.R.B.I.E. will offer new rewards.
  • Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer-related achievements will remain, but will not be attainable without these Heroes.

Additionally, these costumes will be affected by the removal of these characters:

  • Spider-Man Future Foundation (& Black Variant)
  • Spider-Man Bag Man
  • Ghost Rider – What if?
  • Doctor Doom Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic Future Foundation
  • Invisible Woman Future Foundation
  • Thing Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic All New Marvel NOW!
  • Invisible Woman's Ultimate FF
  • Thing All New Marvel NOW!
  • Thing Black Jersey
  • Thing Fantastic Pants
  • Thing Fear Itself
  • Thing Incognito
  • Thing Modern
  • Human Torch 2099
  • Human Torch Classic Blue
  • Human Torch Light Brigade
  • Human Torch Modern
  • Human Torch Original
  • Human Torch Red
  • Human Torch Uncanny Inhumans
  • Silver Surfer Classic
  • Silver Surfer Exiles
  • Silver Surfer Keeper
  • Silver Surfer Silver Savage

"Even though the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer will be unavailable to purchase starting on July 1, Gazillion will continue to support these Heroes with the upcoming Omega items, ongoing tuning, bug fixing, and the same attention we give to all characters in our ever-growing roster of playable Heroes and Villains," the company noted.

Marvel Heroes is available now, and an Omega version is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.