The Last of Us Part 2 Won't Be Getting Any DLC

The Last of Us Part II won’t be getting any DLC to continue the story, game director Neil [...]

The Last of Us Part II won't be getting any DLC to continue the story, game director Neil Druckmann has said. Druckmann was asked about the possibility of story DLC for the game during the latest episode of Kinda Funny Games' Gamescast and told everyone there are currently no plans for any DLC of any kind for the game. A follow-up question inquired about the status of a multiplayer mode like The Last of Us' Factions feature or anything similar to that, and while Druckmann didn't answer affirmatively, he didn't say strike down the idea of some sort of multiplayer experience being released.

Spoiler Warning: The following will contain spoilers for The Last of Us Part II's story.

Druckmann was asked around an hour and 52 minutes into the Gamescast episode if we'd see any DLC for the game. It was brought up that The Last of Us had its Left Behind content that added to the story and told us more about the main characters like Ellie, but the same won't be happening for The Last of Us Part II.

"With Last of Us, I think we had some season pass or something that said ahead of time 'we have some story DLC,'" Druckmann said when asked about the idea of getting DLC for the sequel akin to the first game's Left Behind. "No, there's no plans for DLC."

Druckmann was asked immediately afterwards about the idea of any sort of multiplayer mode being added on. We've seen talks of this in the past when Naughty Dog issued a statement on the possibility of multiplayer and said it'd be focusing entirely on the campaign for The Last of Us Part II. However, the same statement said people would eventually experience the results of the developer's multiplayer efforts. Druckmann was asked if anyone was working on that sort of mode right now and remained silent to suggest there was something there that just wasn't ready to be talked about yet.

The Last of Us Part II's ending certainly left room for DLC to follow should Naughty Dog ever change course and decided to put extra content out there. It ended with the cycle of revenge broken, possibly for good this time, but like the last game, there were a lot of lingering questions that went unanswered.

The Last of Us Part II is now available for the PlayStation 4. You can check out our review of the game here.