The Last of Us Part 2: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

The Last of Us Part II is a dense game in more ways than one, but you might be surprised by how quickly you can get through it if you just want to play straight through its revenge-heavy story. However, there’s a lot out there to find in The Last of Us Part II’s world both in terms of your everyday collectibles and in the smaller story moments that you’ll only pick up on by looking in the right places. Those factors among others like difficulty settings and how often your replay missions before moving on will influence how long it takes you to beat the game on your first playthrough.

Fortunately, we’ve already beaten The Last of Us Part II and have a ballpark idea of how long it’ll take someone to complete the game based on what they’re focusing on. Assuming you play through The Last of Us Part II’s story in full and take some departures from the main story every now and then to search through decrepit buildings and see what resources and plot points you can find, you can expect to spend about 35 hours in The Last of Us Part II.

That’s assuming you’re spending time doing things other than just rushing through the story though. The Last of Us Part II doesn’t have defined side quests that tell you what to do and how to do it and focuses instead on environmental clues for you to follow your gut and figure out what your side quest is supposed to be. That means you’ll be doing some more problem-solving throughout the game’s main campaign which will add to your timer, but the result’s worth it.

If you just want to play through the game and aren’t so worried about finding every ammo cache and picking up every note along the way, you can probably finish the game in under 30 hours. The Last of Us Part II’s world is more opened than it was in The Last of Us, but it’s still linear in the sense that it’ll constantly be pushing you forward to your next objective and will provide hints along the way if you get stuck.


The game will track how long you’ve been playing so that you know exactly how much time you’ve spent in the world, but there’s another factor at play with how long it’ll take you to beat.

The Last of Us Part II officially launches for the PlayStation 4 on June 19th, and you can find our full review of the game here.

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