The Last of Us Creator Reveals Why They Added Part 2 Elements to Show

The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann has revealed why and how the show opted to add elements from the second game. The TV show adaptation of The Last of Us is very, very interesting because it's telling the story of a game, almost exactly beat for beat, but the changes it makes are typically quite significant. The entire third episode revolves around a story we never see in the game, the opening to the final episode is a brand new scene that fans have never seen, and so on. There's an opportunity to expand the story in a big way, but also with the benefit of hindsight, deepen the story by planting seeds for what comes in the future.

Speaking on a podcast with Kinda Funny, The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann talked about how the team behind the show decided what to plant in the series. He noted that they were still finding the story of the game while making the first one, but given that they have two whole games completed when making the first season of the show, there was a lot more room to set things up. He noted how this meant they could show Jackson in the first season, possibly tease Dina, introduce audiences to Shimmer, and much more. Druckmann also noted that with Left Behind's DLC coming after the first game, this show allowed them to highlight more of Riley's impact on Ellie in the main story. You can check out Druckmann's full explanation below.

As of right now, we have no idea what will make its way into The Last of Us season 2. It has been suggested that some elements from the second game will be changed for the show, but we have no idea what it will be or how it will be changed. Either way, we can likely expect some of those elements in the first season to pay off in the second season.

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