New Simpsons Fan Game Brings the Waterworld Arcade Gag to Life

In the Season 8 episode of The Simpsons titled The Springfield Files, Milhouse Van Houten can be seen playing an arcade game based on the movie Waterworld. The game cost Milhouse a whopping 40 quarters per play, but a fully fleshed out version can now be played online for free thanks to Simpsons fan @Mawcaw45! Released online as a freeware PC game, Kevin Costner's Waterworld reimagines major moments from the motion picture, but remade in a style inspired by The Simpsons. The gameplay also recreates the style from the show, requiring players to insert just as many digital quarters as Milhouse did. After nearly 25 years, Simpsons fans can see if it was worth the price!

A poster for the freeware game can be found in the Tweet embedded below. Readers interested in checking out the game for themselves can do so right here.

On the game's website, @Mawcaw45 says that they "sunk tremendous amounts of effort into it to the point where it ended up becoming a fully fleshed out game of much greater scope" than previously imagined. @Mawcaw45 also says that players can expect to see "fleshed out mechanics, multiple stages, boss fights, and a huge quantity of secrets for extra replayability." Fans of The Simpsons and Waterworld will have to judge the results for themselves, but this certainly seems like an impressive undertaking!

There have been a number of fan made games based on The Simpsons over the years, often based on one-off gags like the Waterworld arcade game. Earlier this year, another fan created a graphic adventure game based on the "steamed hams" segment from the Season 7 classic 22 Short Films About Springfield. These types of tributes are a real testament to the enduring appeal of The Simpsons, and the first 10 seasons of the show in particular. It's impossible to say what gag from the show will get its own fan game next, but it probably won't be long before we see another one!

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