The Smurfs Are Getting the Video Game Treatment

A new The Smurfs video game is in the works from publisher Microids and developer OSome Studio. According to the publishing agreement announcement from Microids between itself and IMPS, the folks that own the rights, it will be a 3D action-adventure game with a brand-new story inspired by the comics of Peyo, the cartoonist that created them. This isn't the first comics property that OSome Studio has handled, as it previously developed games based on the classic Asterix & Obelix comics.

The Smurfs was created by cartoonist Peyo in the 1950s. IMPS (International Merchandising, Promotion & Services) is the company that essentially manages Peyo's legacy, including, but not limited to, The Smurfs. Véronique Culliford, Peyo's daughter, founded the company in 1984 and serves as CEO. The new video game absolutely is not the first for the license, but it does mark the first in many years that isn't somehow tied directly to some other sort of adaptation like the movies.

"We are delighted for concluding this new partnership with IMPS! Thanks to this trans-generational license and the talent of OSome Studio, a long time Microids partner studio which worked on several family games, we are confident in bringing together all gamers in the wonderful world of the Smurfs," Elliot Grassiano, Vice-president of Microids, said as part of the announcement. "The worldwide success met by the Smurfs will also allow us to increase our brand awareness overseas and position Microids as a major player internationally."

"I am very happy about this beautiful partnership, video games have always been my passion, because they combine playfulness and often learning," Culliford said as part of the same announcement.


Beyond the facts mentioned above about how this will be a 3D action-adventure game developed by OSome Studio, nothing is known about whatever this game will be, look like, release on, or when. You can check out the rest of our gaming coverage right here.

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