The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Trailer Shows Impressive Similarities Between Movie and Game

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from Sumo Nottingham and Gun Media naturally takes inspiration from the original film for its asymmetrical setup, and in a trailer shared recently by the game's creators, we've gotten a preview of just how faithful the adaptation looks to be. Sumo and Gun shared a brief trailer that compared scenes from the 1974 film of the same name with the recreations of those locations in-game. The result is an impressive side-by-side comparison with the in-game scenes likely being instantly recognizable to those who are intimately familiar with the movie.

That trailer can be seen below courtesy of Gun's YouTube channel. You'll see it start with the gas station the unfortunate group of travelers find themselves at towards the start of the movie with the in-game recreation of it to the right. Whether to preserve the coherence of the new story or to give players more room to run around, the van's been moved, and the sign now appears to say "Cold Soda" instead of Coca-Cola, but other than that, it's a pretty exceptional comparison.

The trailer continues from there showing other recognizable moments from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie like the red room Leatherface emerges from to grab Pam in one of the most iconic scenes from the movie and this genre of horror overall.

These scenes will naturally look a bit different in-game whenever players are speeding by them and trying to avoid Leatherface and his cohorts, so the attention to detail might not be something players notice in those hectic moments. This trailer shows a good start to the faithfulness through which the creators are approaching the game, however, with more reveals hopefully coming soon ahead of its eventual release.

Until we get those reveals (which may very well happen in the coming weeks given how we're approaching Summer Game Fest and the rest of the big summer events), you can check out the game's Community Hub to learn more about it. It's taking a different approach to the asymmetrical horror genre by allowing for more than one killer to be played at once with original characters on the side of the victims.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre does not currently have a release date.