The Witcher Netflix Series Concept Art Shows Early Designs for Dwarves, Dryads, and More

New concept art of Netflix's The Witcher series has surfaced online, revealing early and [...]

New concept art of Netflix's The Witcher series has surfaced online, revealing early and alternative designs for Dwarves, Dryads, and much more. While the first season of the Netflix show didn't feature all of the series' monsters, creatures, and peoples, it did introduce many. Some of the designs that the show landed on were great, others, like the Nilfgaardians, were pretty horrible. But that's par the course when it comes to fantasy costume design. Very rarely does something get everything right.

The new concept art comes way of Pixoloid Studios, who has done concept artwork for many TV series, movies, and video games over the years. They are good, so it should come as no surprise that their Witcher concept art is top stuff. However, the concept is more than just pleasant to look at. As alluded to, it reveals a variety of early and unused designs.

Further -- and this is perhaps the most interesting part of the concept art -- it features designs for goblins. As you will know if you watched the show's first season, goblins are nowhere to be found, however, this concept art suggests that may have not always been the plan.

That said, if you want to check out the concept art for yourself, you can do so right HERE. As you can see, from the point of concept to finished product, some designs changed quite a bit. And that's a shame, because there are some great, faithful designs here.

The Witcher Season 1 is available to stream via Netflix and Netflix only. Season 2 is expected to hit in 2021, but it's unclear if this is still the case due to the coronavirus-caused delay in filming.

"The Witcher isn't perfect, as the story can drag a bit, but that's not nearly enough to outweigh everything the show does right," reads a snippet from our official review of the show. "Witcher brings the world's rich characters, sharp wit, and stylish action to life in a truly delightful way, and whether you're a fan of the novels or the games, you're going to find something to love. The show has some big hype to live up to, but we think it's off to a magnificent start."

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