TikTok Update to Add Option for Adult-Only Broadcasts

TikTok plans to add an adults-only option to live broadcasts which will limit the audience to those aged 18 and up, the company announced this week. This setting for the live videos will be rolled out in the next few weeks and is part of a larger series of changes including a higher minimum age for starting a live broadcast in the first place. TikTok said it's making these changes in order to "further protect the younger members" of the community as they build up their own online presence.

Specifics weren't offered on what this setting for live broadcasts would look like, but TikTok said it'll "new way for creators to choose if they'd prefer to only reach an adult audience." This doesn't mean that creators will be able to make inappropriate content free from any guidelines, however. TikTok clarified the use case for this feature by providing a couple of examples of subject matters that might be better suited for adult audiences.

"For instance, perhaps a comedy routine is better suited for people over age 18," TikTok's announcement about the updated content settings for live broadcasts said. "Or, a host may plan to talk about a difficult life experience and they would feel more comfortable knowing the conversation is limited to adults. We want our community to make the most of the opportunities LIVE can bring without compromising on safety. We believe these industry-leading updates can further protect the younger members of our community as they start and build their online presence."

This change will be accompanied by another update which, unlike this setting that limits audiences to viewers 18 and up, will not be optional. TikTok is raising the minimum age requirement for hosting live broadcasts from 16 to 18.

"As we consider the breadth of our global audience, we already take a graduated approach to the features that our community can access based on their age; younger teens need to be aged 16 or older to access Direct Messaging and 18 or older to send virtual gifts or access monetization features," TikTok's announcement said.

TikTok did not give exact dates for when these changes would roll out.