Tomb Raider Is Getting an Arcade Game To Promote the Forthcoming Film

Square Enix has been pretty mum when it comes to the possibility of a new Tomb Raider game. [...]

Tomb Raider 4

Square Enix has been pretty mum when it comes to the possibility of a new Tomb Raider game. However, thanks to Arcade Heroes, we might have learned about Lara Croft making her return in an unexpected arena – the arcade.

The site reported that Dave & Busters locations would soon be getting an arcade-style shoot-em-up based on Ubisoft's Rabbids franchise, under the name of Rabbids Hollywood. However, a variation of that game also looks to be underway, using the Tomb Raider license.

The game is reportedly shipping to unspecified D&B locations in a couple of weeks, and instead of following the usual adventure-based Tomb Raider format, it looks to be more of an arcade shooting game for multiple players, up to four at once. We're not sure how that would work with the Tomb Raider set-up, but, more than likely, players will be lending Lara Croft a hand when it comes to getting out of trouble.

One pic of the deluxe sized cabinet first appeared on Reddit, posted by a user by the name of HellaPancakeSwitch. Even though the "Coming Soon!!!" font on the screen is reversed for some reason, it does give us a glimpse of how the cabinet looks, right down to the official Tomb Raider font.

Tomb Raider
(Photo: Reddit)

Another pic also surfaced on the Tomb Raider forums, indicating that the game will feature three shoot-em-up levels in all – shorter than the usual Time Crisis or House of the Dead fare – but it's also set to have relic power-ups, a shotgun, and even cinematics.

Tomb Raider 2
(Photo: Tomb Raider Forums)

And based on the below photo, you can see that Dave & Buster's is lining up some sort of promotion with the game that will tie in with the forthcoming film featuring Alicia Vikander, which will make its debut next month. "See the new movie and play the new arcade game!" the advertising font reads. And a picture of Vikander is included, as Croft, for good measure.

Tomb Raider 3
(Photo: Arcade Heroes)

Dave & Buster's hasn't said a word about the game, so, more than likely, it'll make a "surprise" release after it runs through its testing phase in a couple of weeks.

This isn't the first time the entertainment outlet has converted games to tie in with popular movies, as Spider-Man Homecoming, Pirates of the Caribbean and Alien Covenant have each seen game conversions to tie in with promotion.

But we're interested in seeing what the new Tomb Raider game does, especially since it doesn't play the usual way that we've come to expect from Lara's previous adventures. Hey, at the very least, it's a new game – until Square Enix officially announces the next one.

Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16.