Twitch Streamer Gets Food Stolen by Bird on Stream

A Twitch streamer was enjoying a snack when all of a sudden, a bird comes in and snatches their food from their hands. Although Twitch started out largely as a gaming platform, it has become something much bigger than that. Political figures have used it to stream their speeches, people have created game shows and talk shows, and some even use it as a way for others to basically view their lives in real-time. This has led to a number of really wild Twitch highlights, such as when one streamer's kitchen caught on fire during a cooking live stream. Some have even utilized the service to broadcast their jobs and other daily habits.

One Twitch streamer known as AikoiEmil was eating a sandwich, admiring the outdoors, when nature decided to interfere and spoil the moment. A random bird swooped in and stole his sandwich, making sure it wasted no time hanging around with its new catch. The bird flew away, leaving the streamer to sit there in frustration, shock, and perhaps some confusion. It's certainly one of those moments no one would believe it was on video and one that continues to prove why these kinds of IRL live streams are so popular. You get to see things as they happen, the streamer's real time reaction, and admire life as it unfolds in all of its strange and surprising ways. Some users on Twitter suggested the clip of this moment was staged, but it does seem hard to make sure a bird comes and rips food out of your hands while everyone is watching you via a live stream.

Either way, it's an incredibly entertaining video that has gotten a lot of traction on social media. AikoiEmil's entire channel showcases their travels and adventures in Japan. It's not clear exactly where AikoiEmil was when the bird stole their food, but nevertheless, it made for a pretty hilarious viral clip that will surely send viewers to their channel.


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