Ubisoft Is Interested In Making a New Battle Royale Game

Battle royale is everywhere right now. Some takes on this popular PvP model are huge hits like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty's Blackout, while some just didn't quite have the right spark. With more and more developers turning their attention to this competitive PvP mode, it looks like Ubisoft might just be the next one to step up to the plate.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot made a quick mention to the online mode in a recent financial call that though they have nothing to announce at this time, the studio is interested in diving into those battle royale waters. This was on the heels of the studio mentioning that they didn't quite meet the numbers they were hoping for due to a very "competitive environment" seen in 2018.

Whether the battle royale component they are hoping to explore will be a new IP all together or an extension off of an already established franchise such as Rainbow Six Siege or The Division remains to be seen but if Respawn's Apex Legends wild success thus far - especially as a free-to-play title - is anything to go by, a new IP wouldn't be hard for the company to spin out.


Battle Royale is everywhere - we even have a game with this popular mode that let's players survive with freaking sharks. Because this niche of online play only continues to grow, the amount of games that feature this PvP style is only going to get weirder, so we are kind of hoping Ubisoft pulls that move instead of going head-to-head with the realistic shooters out there. We've got sharks, fuzzy animals, magic -- what else can we come up with to keep the mode fresh?

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