Uncharted Movie Photo Sees Nolan North on Set With Tom Holland

New photos from the set of the upcoming Uncharted movie were shared this week to show a tale of two Nates with actors Nolan North and Tom Holland speaking to one another. North is known for many voice acting roles with one of his most prominent ones being the voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games. Holland will be playing a younger version of Nathan Drake in the new Uncharted movie alongside Mark Wahlberg who will play Sully, Nathan Drake’s mentor.

The set photo below was shared by the Naughty Dog Twitter account, the developer of the Uncharted games and other titles like The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II. This is the first time that we’ve seen Holland and North together like this with this photo also being one of the first official behind-the-scenes photos that we’ve seen connected to the Uncharted movie.

The official Uncharted movie Twitter account got in on the action as well with the tweet above that said “The adventure begins” alongside two more images that appeared to show off more of the Uncharted movie's set. We don’t know much about the plot of the Uncharted movie beyond knowing that it’ll show a younger take on the characters, so perhaps we’ll start to see more news on that soon if the accounts continue to be active.

While the photo of Holland and North next to one another is one of the first official images we’ve seen from the Uncharted movie, it’s not the first. Some images of Holland and Wahlberg next to one another on the set of the movie appeared online not too long ago to show both of them dressed up in a busy street. Before that, Holland shared one of his chair on the set of the movie, but the ones that came later were much more interesting.


North’s appearance on set is also a turnaround from previous comments the voice actor made about the movie. North said previously he hadn’t been contacted at all about the movie but that he was fine with it, though he added “part of me is like, 'It'd be nice if you asked!’” North said afterwards he was there for a set visit, but he almost certainly imparted some Nathan Drake wisdoms onto the actor.

The new Uncharted movie is set to release on July 16, 2021.