Valheim Players Beware of a New Game-Breaking Bug

The survival game Valheim has a particularly problematic bug that’s destroying players’ worlds, and for the time being, there’s no known fix for the issue. The game’s developers are aware of the issue, however, and have advice on how to hopefully avoid it as well as what players can do to protect their worlds in case they’re hit by the bug and risk losing all of their progress they’ve made.

The bug that’s affecting Valheim players’ games has quite literally been described as an “evil world-destroyer bug” by Richard Svensson, the CEO of Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio. Svensson commented on the bug this week and said that the problem is still happening in Valheim and advised players to back up their worlds just in case they should be unfortunate enough to experience the bug.

What’s even more frustrating about the bug other than it erasing progress by crushing worlds is that it’s proving difficult to reproduce and therefore fix, according to the developer. This means that it’s impossible to say exactly what’s causing the issue, but the developers at least have an idea of what increases the chances of it happening. Closing out of Valheim by using the Alt + F4 command apparently runs a higher risk of the causing the bug. If you’ve been closing the game that way, it’s best to close out of it through the menu from now on to lessen the chances of your world being destroyed.

For players who want to make sure their files are secure, Svensson informed players as to where the files to be secured are stored.


Valheim’s been getting patches frequently enough for a game that just launched and is still in early access, so hopefully this sort of bug won’t last too long. Its first post-launch update was released around a week ago with more already released after that to fix different issues and sometimes make adjustments based on feedback from players.

Bugs or not, players have been putting tons of time into Valheim since the game’s launch from earlier in the month. The game’s already been pushed upwards of 1 million sales within that timeframe, a number that’s undoubtedly gone even higher since the milestone was announced.