First Valheim Updates Released, Patch Notes Revealed

Following its quick rise in popularity after a Steam release earlier in the week, Iron Gate AB’s Valheim got two new updates within the past couple of days to address some post-launch issues. The pair of updates addressed things related to combat and crashes and also made it so that surtling cores, a valuable resource required for players who want to do some crafting, can be found more often in burial chambers.

The updates in question were regarded as “small updates” within the game’s Steam Community forums, but they’re notable still for their changes and for the fact that they’re some of the first updates Valheim has received since it launched on February 2nd. Valheim’s surtling core changes in the patch notes are particularly useful since the scarceness of the crafting resource was something players had already given feedback on in the days after the game’s launch. The fact that surtling cores have been made more accessible so quickly can be taken as a positive sign for future community requests.

The first of the updates, 0.142.5, contained most of the patch notes while the 0.142.6 update that followed it had only one change to take note of. You can find the full patch notes for each of the updates below after they were posted on Friday.

Valheim Update 0.142.5

  • Fixed freeze at Valheim logo screen
  • Fixed Block-sfx
  • Fixed Spaming dodge consumed extra stamina
  • Serverlist tweaks (multi-line names, server count)
  • Continous music enabled by default
  • Drowning effects added
  • Compendium icon updated
  • Made Hugin dialog guis slightly larger
  • More surtling cores in burial chambers
  • Serverlist fixes
  • Lowered enemy per-player damage scaling
  • Localization fixes
  • Server filter fix

Valheim Update 0.142.6

  • Fixed world selection gui broken due to corrupt world file

While the updates themselves are smallish, they came out quickly after the game’s release. For the bigger updates coming, Valheim’s developer has already shared a roadmap for 2021. The roadmap doesn’t attach months or even release windows to different releases, but it does show the order in which the next few major updates are to be released. It also contains a wishlist of sorts that consists of features the developer hopes to add like a sandbox mode, multiplayer interactions, combat improvements, and more.

Valheim is currently available through Steam as an early access title.