Valheim Achieves Huge Sales Milestone in First Week

Valheim has been out for just over a week now as of February 10th, and already they game has surpassed 1 million total sales. Developer Iron Gate Studio shared news of the milestone this week and touted other achievements like lofty concurrent user peaks. The survival game themed around Vikings and their journey through the Norse world of Valheim is only available in an early access form right now as well which only adds to the accomplishment.

Iron Gate Studio announced its success through social media and a longer blog post on the community board for Valheim. Equating the number of purchases to “roughly 8,333 Viking-crammed longboats,” Valheim’s developer touted some of the other feats accomplished like creating the product in a little over two years and reaching different peaks spread across users and viewers.

“Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible,” the Iron Gate Studio team said. “In just over two years what our small yet formidable studio has been able to achieve is mind blowing. We really want to thank you for the incredible support you’ve already shown us, with 160,000 peak concurrent users and over 127,000 peak viewers on Twitch on our first week alone, and this is only the beginning!”

As for the future of Valheim and the growth of the community, Iron Gate Studio said it’s received plenty of messages from players filled with “fantastic feedback and suggestions.” We’ve seen patches released already just shortly after the game launched to show that issues could be addressed quickly a promising sign for the players given how new the game is and that it’s Iron Gate Studio’s first release.

There’s also already a roadmap out for any players who’ve started with Valheim and are wondering what’s coming next. A couple of major updates are listed on the timeline with some indications as to what’ll be included in them from names like “Hearth and Home” and “Ships and the Sea,” but no timeframes beyond an order of release have been given for those updates.