The Elder Scrolls Fan Recreates Skyrim Town in Valheim

Valheim has been all the rage over the past month in the PC space. The newest survival game has already topped five million in sales since it released in early February, and with such a massive player base, some are already creating some thoroughly unique locales within the world. Now, one player has recreated a village that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans might be quite familiar with.

Shared to Reddit, one user by the name of LiteraryCringe has shown off their own latest creation in Valheim. In what is said to have taken them a week to put together, this user remade the entire town of Riverwood from Skyrim. The location should be well-known to nearly anyone who has played Skyrim in the past as it is one of the first towns that you'll likely come across in the game. While it's not as massive as some of the other villages you'll find in the province, it's one of the most memorable to be certain.

Took the last week to rebuild Riverwood in Valheim! from r/skyrim

What's most impressive about this assembly or Riverwood in Valheim is that it looks nearly identical to the version featured in Skyrim. Typically, when fans try to recreate certain locales in other video games like this, the new iteration doesn't tend to match up in a one-to-one sense compared to the original. But with this new envisioning, it looks borderline identical to the original Riverwood. It's truly impressive to see what players have already been able to do in Valheim in such a short period of time.

If this recreation of Riverwood has inspired you to go play Valheim as well, the game is currently available via early access on PC. At the moment, developer Iron Gate AB has said that it doesn't have any additional plans to bring the title to consoles, but perhaps that will change in the future.


Have you created anything like this in Valheim for yourself that you're quite proud of? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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