Valkyrae Reveals Why She's Ready to Quit GTA RP

Popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae has revealed that she is nearing the point where she might quit [...]

Popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae has revealed that she is nearing the point where she might quit playing in the popular Grand Theft Auto roleplay server. The reason for this feeling seems to be one that is shared by other popular content creators that take part in the game. Whether or not she actually ends up staying away fromGTARP as a whole though remains to be seen.

In a brief stream that Valkyrae held this week, the beloved YouTuber said that the main reason she has started to dislike Grand Theft Auto RP is solely because of how viewers act when she plays it. Often times, Valkyrae said that her chat on stream can get quite toxic when playing GTA which is why she has started to not care for it. "Imma be honest, I think I would have really enjoyed RP GTA 5 if I wasn't streaming it, but, I don't think it's worth the bad vibes. Honestly, people say just ignore it but it kinda made me not care to play it anymore," she explained. "I'm kind of over it, yeah. I'd rather just play Valorant or something, to be honest. I would just rather play something I'm having fun doing."

Valkyrae went on to say that she has taken into account the idea of just turning off the chat altogether when playing GTA, but this isn't something that she typically likes to do. She also said that even though she knows games like Valorant aren't the most popular with her own audience, she would rather play something that she personally enjoys rather than solely trying to increase her viewership numbers.

Valkyrae's potential departure from the GTA RP NoPixel 3.0 server comes at a time where another major streamer has also been booted from the game. This past week, Felix "xQc" Lengyel actually received a ban from the server after a contentious situation took place that involved members of his own chat harassing other streamers. Apparently, GTA RP is a game that brings out the worst in many audience members for one reason or another.

Whether or not Valkyrae ends up returning to Grand Theft Auto in a future stream remains to be seen for the time being. But if you're going to tune in to watch her any time soon over on YouTube, you should likely expect her to be playing other games.

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