Someone Made a Princess Switch RPG Where You Create Your Own Vanessa Hudgens

An intrepid game designer wants you to create your own Vanessa Hudgens and save Christmas, just like the popular Netflix Chrismas movie The Princess Switch. A Redditor named "pjnick300" recently posted the rules to an RPG titled "The Vanessa Hudgens Save Christmas," a rules-lite RPG inspired by Lasers & Feelings. The game is inspired by the Princess Switch franchise, a series of Netflix movies starring Vanessa Hudgens playing multiple characters, all of whom use their identical looks to engage in some manner of shenanigans just before Christmas.

The rules to "The Vanessa Hudgens Save Christmas" are simple. Players create their own Vanessa Hudgens with one of twenty accents, a specialty, an occupation, and a Christmas Deadline – an outside stressor that must be completed before Christmas Day. Players then choose a number between 2 and 5, which serves as their primary stat for the game. A higher number is better for "Responsible" checks, i.e. checks that involve some form of adulting or reason. A lower number is better for "Feelings" checks, checks that require some level of passion, romance, or spontaneous action. 

When making a check, players roll a number of d6s based on certain criteria. They always start with one d6, and then add another d6 if the check involves their Hudgens' specialty, and another d6 if they're impersonating another Hudgens by using their unique accent. A "Responsible" check succeeds if one or more dice is lower than a player's number, while a "Feelings" check is successful if one or more dice is higher than a person numbers. A player also enters a Christmas Hudgens state if they roll their number exactly, allowing them to either have two questions answered by the GM or switch places with another Hudgens retroactively. 

The rules to the game is simple – the players' Hudgens must save Christmas from a randomly selected villain and ensure that a randomly selected Hudgens reaches their deadline in time when it suddenly moves to before Christmas during the third act. The rules also note that any pronunciation of the plural Hudgens – whether it's Hudgens, Hudgenses, or Hudgenses' – is valid within the game. 

If you want to make out with princes, cupcake makers, and whoever the love interest of Princess Switch 3 is, and want to live your best Vanessa Hudgens' life, this game is for you. You can read the full rules here for free.