Marvel United Reveals How to Play in New Video

CMON and Spin Master Games hit it out of the park with their Kickstarter for Marvel United, and [...]

CMON and Spin Master Games hit it out of the park with their Kickstarter for Marvel United, and now they've revealed a brand new video taking you through the basic gameplay loop for the anticipated game. Marvel United features several villains with the core set that you'll, of course, need to stop with your team of heroes, but unlike some other games in the genre you can't just take them on directly from the get-go. Instead, you'll actually need to perform some heroic acts before you can take the fight to Taskmaster, Red Skull, or Thanos, heading to different locations to clear out thugs and help civilians.

You'll head to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Times Square, and other places to fulfill at least 2 missions before you can take on the main villain, and the game really kicks into gear when you resolve the villain's Masterplan card. That card will move the villain a number of spaces to a location that you will then add Thug tokens too.

The card also features a BAM effect, as do other cards on the board, and you will resolve that effect and all others that have that feature. At that point, it's time for the heroes to jump into battle.

Now, this is where the game really emphasizes teamwork. So players will put down one of their Hero cards next to the last card played, and they can resolve actions corresponding to the symbols at the bottom of their card. They can also use the symbols on the Hero card that was laid before them, so you'll not only want to think of what benefits you when you play your cards but also the next person, as they can then benefit as well. The actions are split into Move, Attack, Heroic Action, and Wild.

You'll then move to a location and set upon clearing it out of all threats and saving civilians, and as you do you'll add those tokens to the Rescue Civilians, Defeat Thugs, and Clear Threats cards. Each one of these will give you a different bonus, so if you fill-up the Defeat Thugs card you can attack the villain while filling up the Clear Threats card will allow all heroes to draw 1 card.

So that's pretty much how it works, and you can watch the full video above.

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