Xbox 360 Action Game Bullet Witch Returns On Steam Later This Month

Back in the heyday of the Xbox 360, you may recall a frenetic action game called Bullet Witch, a [...]

Back in the heyday of the Xbox 360, you may recall a frenetic action game called Bullet Witch, a game that combined dark fantasy with Western themes, all built around a kick-ass femme fatale. If you remember that game, good news – it's coming back for more.

XSEED Games has announced that it will be bringing back Bullet Witch as a PC release on Steam starting on April 25. In addition, the game will be available for a 10 percent discount at launch, lowering its initial price tag of $14.99. You can learn more about that promotion over on its official Steam page.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bullet Witch, here's a detailed description of what you can expect:

First, there was the earthquake. Then the war, then the plague, then the riots. In the span of a few short years, humanity suffered every disaster imaginable — and all as a prelude to the one we couldn't have imagined.

An army of literal demons marched straight out of Hell, trampling over the survivors wherever they found them. When they killed, they wore their victims' skins. When they conquered, they seized their enemies' weapons. Powered by supernatural evil and loaded with military hardware, they scattered us and ran us down.

But then she came. At first, we thought she was one of them — a woman in black, with a long gun like a witch's broom and the magical powers to match. Survivors whispered her stories in the alleyways: stories of battles so intense that they leveled whole city blocks, during which she mowed down entire demon regiments with flaming bullets, then shared her own blood to save the wounded. They say she can summon clouds of ravens, call up thorns from the ground, and even conjure up lightning and tornadoes at will.

Maybe she flew down from Heaven. Maybe Hell spat her back out. Either way, she's all we've got.


  • This Is My Broomstick– Alicia's gunrod can transform on the fly into four different weapons, each of which can be enchanted for extra punch and special perks. Mow down enemies to charge your magic meter, then can call down thunderbolts, tornadoes, and even meteors to blast the rest of them to kingdom come. Few gaming heroines have ever wielded as much raw power as Alicia at her peak.
  • The Path of Destruction– Nothing is safe from your wrath, least of all the environment around you. Your magic can tear the roofs off of buildings, ignite an entire gas station, or level towers. If any enemies survive, use your telekinesis on the rubble to throw it at them and crush them flat.
  • You Are Not Alone– Your strength and bravery will inspire the battle-hardened resistance fighters around you, and soon enough, they'll fight by your side. Use your magic to keep them alive, and they just might return the favor.
  • All DLC Included– The PC release of Bullet Witch includes all the original game's costumes and bonus missions for free. (Beat the game once to unlock the latter; the costumes are available from the start.)

Check out footage from the game above, and get ready to kick some Bullet butt when the game launches next week!

(Hat tip to Gematsu for the details!)