New Xbox Exclusive From Bethesda Reportedly Being Revealed Soon

A new Xbox exclusive from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, the team behind The Evil Within, is apparently about to be announced. Xbox has been heavily criticized over the last few years for its inability to release critically acclaimed games like PlayStation or just release any games at all. While there have been great games like the Forza series and even Halo Infinite in some ways, the platform has struggled with first-party software in recent years. To make up for this, Microsoft started buying up talented studios that could produce high quality games for its platform that could also then be used to bolster services like Xbox Game Pass. Under the ZeniMax umbrella, Microsoft acquired a ton of talented teams like Bethesda, id Software, and more, and we're finally getting ready to see some of the results of that purchase.

With Starfield steadily approaching, another Bethesda game is reportedly gearing up for a reveal. According to a prominent leaker named billbil_kun, a new T-rated game from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, which recently released Ghostwire: Tokyo, by the name of Hi-Fi RUSH is expected to appear at tomorrow's Xbox Developer Direct event. Previous rumors about the game have suggested it could release in 2023 and will be a sci-fi shooter that is a bit similar to Jet Set Radio. As of right now, we have no idea really what to expect from the game, but it would make for a welcome surprise at the Xbox event since a lot of the games confirmed for the event already have a good bit of information publicly available.

It's also worth noting that if the game is in fact rated T, it means the game is likely close to release. The ratings process is done toward the end of development on a game, so this could be mere months away from releasing. Given a lot of the games confirmed for the Xbox event appear to be for the first half of 2023, it wouldn't be shocking if this is a spring or summer release.

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